Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Baby Shower

Hello Lovelies,

Me (Kim) & my brother's girlfriend, Abbie, decided with my mum to throw a baby shower for Kerry. She is now 38 weeks pregnant - I can't believe my twin is about to be a mummy, I'm so happy of her. We wanted it to be a surprise but had to tell her so we knew she would turn up! Although we did keep her out of all the planning and she didn't even know who was coming!

Me and Abbie made Kerry a baby shower cake, It took us about 4 hours to make in total but we were definitely happy with the finished product.

We also made cakepops, these were actually harder than the cake! We had great difficulty with the candy melts and getting the sticks to stay in the cakes but I think these are a great idea and they did come out looking quite good... in the end.

The cakepop stands are just polystyrene covered in craft paper
Here are just a few other snaps from the day...
I'm wearing (left) an oriental maxi which I bought from primark last year, Kerry (centre) is wearing a Primark Maternity daisy print dress with a newlook bow waist belt and Abbie (right) is wearing a H&M Maxi 

If I am being totally honest, we were completely unorganised! We ended up getting the decorations the morning of the baby shower! So I would definitely recommend being more prepared as it ended up costing more than what it could of if we'd got them online.
I hope this may have given you some ideas on what to do if you have a baby shower coming up. If you have any questions please leave them below in the comments & also leave your links so we are able to check out your blogs! 

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